EA og Velan Studios er ude med et sneak-peak på Knockout City, der går live med sæson 2 den 27. juli.

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Today, EA and Velan Studios shared a look at what’s ahead for its dodgeball-inspired hit, Knockout City, with a roadmap detailing the thrilling content players can expect from now through the end of the year. Starting July 27, Knockout City Season 2 will go live, featuring a new map, a new Special Ball, three  Special Events, new Season Contracts, five new Playlists and the introduction of a new Daily Login Bonus – a random reward players receive for every day they play. More details to come! But for now, check out the latest blog post HERE from Velan on what’s up.

With more than five million players in just two weeks, EA and Velan Studios will continue to bring the fun that fans have grown to love in Knockout City with a new season every nine weeks, with Season 3 set to reveal this fall and Season 4 in winter. The team’s commitment to live operations for the game, in conjunction with collaboration with the player community, will continue to evolve Knockout City season-over-season with new content and surprises — all included in the initial $19.99 price of the game (no additional cost for new season content!).

In the meantime, brawlers can continue to seek thrill and action with the recent limited-time event, Heatwave; players only have one full week left to cash in saved up tickets before the event ends and items are gone forever. 

Knockout City is available PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via the EA desktop app beta and Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S through backwards compatibility, in addition to EA Play and Xbox Games Pass Ultimate members. 

For more details, check out Velan’s latest blog here: http://ea.com/games/knockout-city/news/knockout-city-chronicle-06-28-21