Det er ikke længe siden at Legends of Runeterra blev udgivet. Og nu er første opdatering allerede landet.

Riot Games som står bag spillet har udsendt den første opdatering. De kalder den en mindre opdatering, men den indeholder alligevel en del rettelser. I kan se ændringerne lige her:

XP Systems
While there are no associated changes in this patch, we’re keeping an eye on how y’all are engaging with the XP changes introduced with open beta. One of our main goals for progression is to encourage play through rewards without forcing chore-like behaviors—we want you to have efficient ways to progress, we just also want those experiences to be fun. For example, we don’t want players to feel like they need to grind AI games or snap concede matches to maximize their progression. No changes for now, but we’re already looking at potential adjustments.
– RiotClockwork, Product Lead, Metagame Systems

Boards & Guardians
• 3 new guardians have arrived in Runeterra:
• Basilisk
• Silverwing
• Gloomtooth
• Boards & guardians can now be purchased in the store.
• Animation speed increases:
• Whirling Death
• Yasuo’s stun / recall damage
• New installs of LoR now have a smaller initial size so new players can start playing faster—post-tutorial game content will download as you play through tutorials, instead of all before.

Bug Fixes • Purchasing cards with shards or wildcards now correctly updates your displayed total remaining.
• Fixed an issue where players weren’t correctly receiving cards after purchasing them with wildcards.
• Various fixes for minor social panel issues (delays, unresolvable notifications, etc.)
• Used Cask Salesman now shows in Expeditions archetypes. 
• Anivia now correctly appears in two Expeditions archetypes, rather than three. 
• Reduced volume on ‘The Box’ and ‘Thresh’s The Box.’
• T-Hex leg rotation fixed in celebration animation.
• Improved resolution on T-Hex and Poro Collection images.
• Dev notes
• Lor patches
• Xp systems
• Boards & guardians
• Miscellaneous
• Bug fixes