Bethesda har lavet en oversigt med nogle af de mange aktiviteter du kan opleve i den kommende udvidelse til ESO Summerset. Den haster vi med at bringe:

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset brings a whole new world of adventure for all ESO players. Read about some of the activities you can experience and the rewards you can earn when exploring the home of the High Elves in this preview article.
When you arrive on Summerset Isle, you’ll be able take part in an epic main quest, craft your own jewelry, join the mysterious Psijic Order, and even save the city of Cloudrest, but even more excitement awaits when you begin to venture out and truly explore the home of the High Elves


Summerset may be an idyllic paradise, but the island still has its dangers for local residents and unwary travelers both. Help the High Elves of Summerset by gathering your allies and taking on any of the six World Bosses you can find scattered throughout the wilderness.

These challenging beasts (including giant crabs, salamanders, gryphons, and more) are usually too tough for a solo player to handle, but you’re certainly welcome to try! Defeat these monsters and you’ll pick up some overland set items and exclusive boasting rights. You can also acquire daily quests to purge Summerset’s World Bosses from Justiciar Farowel within the city of Alinor.


Summerset is home to two unique Public Dungeons for you and your allies to explore: the city of Sunhold and the smuggling cove of Karnwasten.

Well hidden from the prying eyes of the law, the pirate cove of Karnwasten has long served as a smuggling hub for Summerset. However, after being betrayed by his first mate, an enterprising Khajiit merchant named Renzir requires your help to recover his goods and locate his lost wife.

You can find this public dungeon by the island’s northwestern coast. While exploring Karnwasten, you’ll acquire overland set items and quest rewards, but you’ll also have chances to pick up Runebox Fragments that you can combine to earn a unique collectible: the Big-Eared Ginger Cat pet. Adorable!
In addition to Karnwasten, the second public dungeon in Summerset is the besieged city of Sunhold. With the majority of the High Elf fleet serving the Aldmeri Dominion, the Sea Elves have invaded the idyllic southern coastal city. Help Kinlady Helenaere repel the ancient enemy, free their prisoners, and save Sunhold.

You can find the city of Sunhold on Summerset’s southern coast. Like Karnwasten, Sunhold also rewards you with overland set items and quest rewards, but has its own unique collectible, too: the mystical Psijic Glowglobe emote. Perfect for the Psijic Order member on the rise.


Scattered across the isle of Summerset are six Abyssal Geysers. These chaotic spectacles spawn monstrous waves of yaghra and the undead, and they must be shut down before all of Summerset is overwhelmed.

Be warned: the Abyssal Geysers might be more than a solo adventurer can handle, and the quicker you cut through the waves of monsters, the more challenging the final boss will be. Should you manage to destroy the Abyssal Pearl and stop the geyser, you can be rewarded with jewelry for the overland set items and more, making these new group activities well worth the risk. Watch your feet!


Summerset also features six new Delves for you to explore. These Delves include the cavernous halls beneath Eton Nir, idyllic green hills, and pristine white-sand beaches. Each location also has its own story, quest, and boss, and each rewards you with overland set items upon completion.

You can find these Delves scattered all over Summerset, and they can be completed solo or with a small group. You can acquire daily quests to explore Summerset’s Delves from Justiciar Tanorian within the city of Alinor. Keep an eye out for that Skyshard!


Similar to the Vvardenfell or Clockwork City zones, there’s a unique “Museum Quest” you can complete in Summerset. To get started, travel to Artaeum, find Relicmaster Glenadir within the Vault of Moawita, and help the Psijic Order acquire the missing relics that are totally safe to handle and only a little cursed. Should you complete the quest and collect all the missing relics, you’ll be rewarded with the Fan of False-Face furnishing.

This unique furnishing item can be placed in your home, and when activated, it’ll transform you into a monkey! Don’t worry, we’re fairly sure the transformation is only temporary.


The isle of Summerset features three different set crafting stations that you can discover during your travels. These locations, of course, include Jewelry Crafting stations that you can use to create custom-made rings and necklaces.

These stations will also be useful to you as you work to acquire the new Master Crafter Achievement. To earn this meta-Achievement, you must have earned nine extremely rare crafting Achievements, including some new and old:

  • Professions Master (Earn rank 50 for all crafting professions)
  • Unsurpassed Crafter (Complete 100 Master Writs)
  • Trait Master (Research every available Weapon and Armor Trait at least once)
  • Jewelry Trait Master (Learn all Jewelry Crafting Traits)
  • Learn the Nirnhoned Trait
  • True Style Master (Collect and learn 50 full motifs)
  • Recipe Compendium (Learn 100 Provisioning Recipes)
  • Potency (Translate all of the Potency runes)
  • Botanist (Learn every Trait for a wide variety of Alchemy reagents)

Should you earn this new Achievement, you’ll unlock the Grand Master Crafter title and the incredible Skyforge Smith Hammer Outfit Style.

This unique style allows you to give any of your one-handed weapons the appearance of a Skyforge hammer, ensuring everybody knows that you’re a true master of your craft.


Summerset is a world like no other in Tamriel, and there’s always a new location to explore or a new threat to face in the home of the High Elves.