Under Microsoft’s E3 pressekonference præsenterede de helt nyt gameplay fra Rare’s kommende pirat spil, Sea of Thieves. Nu har vi en hel masse nyt info om spillet. Det bliver vildt, sjovt og rigtig fedt! A pirates life for me!

  • Everyone that joins the team is given a pirate name.
  • Sea of Thieves aims to be “the most cooperative adventure game.”
  • If you want to go into the world and just be the solitary explorer, you can do that. You can do anything you can imagine when you think of pirates.
  • Every sail you see on the horizon is a crew of real players. You can use the telescope to observe them and try to understand what they’re up to.
  • Chapman explained why they used real players to showcase the game on stage at Microsoft’s press briefing. When we talk about Sea of Thieves, it’s all about different player motivations: people who want to explore, people who want to play ship combat, people who want to go on epic quests. The best way to show the game was to really be authentic with it and showing real players having a great time.
  • People “haven’t seen anything yet;” some may think that they have seen everything that’s going on with the game, but there’s more to show in the future.
  • The team never thought they’d have such a long queue to try the game at E3.
  • Rare wants to have a close relationship with players and shape the game with their feedback.
  • What’s fascinating ans cary to Chapman is, when they’ll release a beta, he genuinely doesn’t know what players are going to do, and what they’ll gravitate towards. So he wants to get it into the player’s hands and see what they will do.
  • The team still isn’t talking about the dates for the beta yet, because they want to get the core experience right first. The beta will be the first chance for players at home to try the game.
  • Chapman feels that customization options are a big expectation for players, and would be an important part of the game, both for characters and their ships as an extension of those characters.
  • The team did not give specific about customization yet, because they want to stimulate people’s imagination and let them wonder where they could take it. That said, there will be a great degree of customization.
  • Players will “absolutely” be able to board other ships. There’s actually no dedicated system for it. You simply pull over close to another ship, jump overboard, grab their ladders, or sneak on board, and then engage in combat. It’s completely open and free.
  • Another big part of the game will be gameplay on islands. You’ll be able to pick any island you can see in the seamless world, leave your ship seamlessly and go on adventures (possibly keeping an eye on your ship from time to time).
  • The tavern is a place for players to bond. In taverns players will be able to share grog, bond their crew. It’s simply an immersive part of the game where you just decide to go to a port and visit a pub.
  • The team is not specifically talking about towns and forts just yet, but there will be several kinds of locations for players to visit. There will be all the things you can imagine when you think of a pirate world.

Sea of Thieves sætter sejl mod Xbox One og PC i 2017.