Necromunda: Hired Gun er et lyn hurtigt FPS skabt af det lille passionerede indie studie Streum On Studio. Det rammer PC og konsoller digitial 1. juni og som traditionelt medie i butikker 30. juni.

Pick your contracts, hunt your targets, reap the rewards

Introduce yourself at Martyr’s End, the hub of all the action, contracts, and factions in your little corner of Necromunda.

Select your contract, prepare your loadout and track down your target across one of the several dark and twisted areas of the Hive.

Nothing comes easy in Hired Gun, fighting and even trailing targets will put the best bounty hunters to the test.

Use your grappling hook and wall running abilities to close in on your prey across rotting agri-farms, industrious chemlabs and ancient strongholds.

Then, assisted by your loyal Mastiff, unleash a ballet of destruction to complete your contract in style before returning to Martyr’s End for a celebratory drink and a round of upgrading your weapons and armor.

Upgrade and augment your arsenal to take on the Hive’s toughest contracts

From a signature power knife to rocket launchers and graviton gun, everything can be useful to make a living within the ever-growing conflict between factions in the Hive.

After each action-intensive mission, take the time to exchange loot and rewards for cyber-augments to yourself, your arsenal and your dog.

Grow in power and soon enough, become your target’s unstoppable worst nightmare.