Det er i morgen d. 25. september kl 16 at startskudet lyder til Nordic Trackmania Tournament som laves sammen med CORSAIR hvor Wirtual er vært. Du kan læse mere nedenfor hvor vi også har et dropbox link til reglerne. Du kan stadig nå at kvalificerer dig.

On September 25th at 16.00 CEST, Wirtual will host a grand Nordic Trackmania Tournament on his Twitch Channel with prizes from CORSAIR and Ubisoft Store for the winners.

The tournament will consist of six custom built maps inspired by the Nordic countries with unique designs and a large variety of challenges for all players.

Players from all over Europe can participate, but only players located in the Nordic region will be able to win the prizes. This means that you must be from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland to win any prize in this tournament. All Grand Finalists (being 4 Nordic players) will each win a HS80 RGB WIRELESS Premium Gaming Headset from CORSAIR.

The ultimate winner of the Trackmania Nordic Tournament’s Grand Final will, in addition to the CORSAIR headset, also claim a 100€ Voucher for the Ubisoft Store.

Time Attack Qualifier Now Open
The six tracks have been put on an online qualifier server, and players have until Friday September 24th 23:59 CEST to train. The top 32 players with the best average ranking across all tracks advance to the playoffs.

Find the server:
Standard access players:
Go into the LIVE tab in-game > Arcade Rooms > Search for “Nordic”.
Club access players
Go into the CLUBS tab in-game > Search for “Nordic”.

Playoffs – Saturday, 25th of September 16:00 CEST
Playoffs are seeded based on time attack qualifier rank. Matches are played in 5 time slots, each match with an expected length of 45 minutes.

The Grand Final is between the four (4) best Nordic players.

16:00 – Round of 32
17:00 – Quarter Finals
18:00 – Semi Final #1
19:00 – Semi Final #2
20:00 – Grand Final

For all rules, conditions and prizes, please click here
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