Pamela er så meget andet end en hvis dame med efternavnet Anderson. Open World gyser spillet P.A.M.E.L.A. får sin første store opdatering, og der er en masse godt i vente til jer.

Der sker blandt andet nyt ved spillets crafting system og en ny tutorial rammer også spillet. Og ud over det er der meget andet i vente til jer. I kan se det bedste fra den store opdatering her:

  • New ability, crafting: able to create buildables through collected elements from the world or by drops.
  • New IVG ability, Harvest: Most scenery objects in the world can be disassembled into crafting elements by using energy.
  • Added new tutorial system, utilizing videos to better explain complex concepts.
  • New NPC, Sec-RT, to add flavor and life to Eden.
  • Added an NPC Resolve system, when you hit an NPC their toughness will temporarily increase, making them much harder to stagger.
  • Weapons and equipment now degrade from damage done to the player, can be repaired in the Engineering menu.
  • New Items: Bandages, Nanoflex Armor, plus those to facilitate crafting.
  • Two new buildables that, when placed, give the ability to craft more complex items.
  • New Pamela intro with dialogue.
  • Newly Modeled entrance to the soon upcoming district, make sure to find it.

For at fejre den store opdatering P.A.M.E.L.A. har fået, så kan spillet købes med 30% rabat på Steam.