Så er Phil blevet ramt af Amor’s pile og hele parken emmer af kærlighed. Se med i traileren neden for hvor du også kan være med til at skabe ekstra romantik.

Love is in the air and Phil is delighted to welcome us once more for a tour of the park, this time with a romantic twist. Lovely couples enjoy a carefree day on impossified rides and stroll the park that he decorated just for the occasion with the colourful Candyville theme – perfect for sweet-toothed sweethearts.

This new trailer features the star attraction of the day, the Match Maker ride with its heart shaped cabins, and showcases how anything can be customized in Park Beyond. Easily add any elements to shops, pathways, and decor to fit the atmosphere you’re dreaming of, or create your own ornaments, shops, and rollercoasters from scratch. Your imagination is the limit!