Du skal ikke rynke på næsen af mobil udgivelsen Quantum Siege. Det er det som kaldes en soft launch med udgivelse i Danmark, Norge, Sverige og Finland til iOS og Google Early Access. Det er den finske udvikler Armada Interactive der står bag. Nå ja og så er det Samuli Syvähuoko, der er stifter og CEO. Han har tidligere slået sine folder hos en andet finsk udvikler nemlig Remedy. Dermed kommer der masser af erfaring ind i Quantum Siege der bl.a. har et helt unikt 360 graders slagmark. Du kan læse mere om spillet nedenfor. Kender du ikke Samuli Syvähuoko så er han en af pionerene i Norder hvor han bl.a. har skabt Max Payne da han stiftede Remedy. Alt hans energi og ikke mindst penge går ind i spilindustrien hvor han i 2014 var medstifter af Sisu Game Ventures som finansierer mere end 20 forskellige spil.


Armada Interactive, a Helsinki-based mobile gaming company focusing on crafting revolutionary experiences for mobile gamers is today announcing the soft launch of its first title, Quantum Siege, in the Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Quantum Siege is innovative and gorgeous. It’s simple to play, but difficult to master. With its innovative new mechanics, Quantum Siege drives real-time strategy and multiplayer on mobile to a new level,” said Samuli Syvähuoko, co-founder and CEO of Armada Interactive.

In Quantum Siege, players take command of mighty armies built from Chosen heroes, marauding Squads, mechanical Constructs and destructive Siege Engines, with each having its own unique abilities. Battles are played on a 360° spinning battlefield, giving players full control of the action at all times.

Quantum Siege currently has two modes. Versus mode with two players enables fighting against each other in a tight and incredibly fun real-time experience. Story mode pits armies against dark enemies from the future. Earth’s destiny is hanging in the balance.

Each of Quantum Siege’s unique 300+ levels has puzzle elements, where strategic thinking will prevail. Tactical thinking and speedy execution is rewarded with victory in the battle.

Quantum Siege was conceived as the most ambitious mobile game of 2017. Based around the innovative 360° Spinning Battlefield™ and gorgeous 3D graphics, Quantum Siege takes real time strategy and PvP into a new dimension.

Quantum Siege is currently available for free on iOS and Google Early Access in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The global launch date is set for Winter 2017.



Quantum Siege is based on relentless action and real time 3D single- and multiplayer battles, set in breathtakingly high fidelity. Do you have what it takes to lead your freedom fighting army to victory and rid the planet of the Architects?

  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Highly innovative 360° rotating battlefield
  • Tons of immersive Campaigns and Events, with 300+ unique levels
  • Tight and crazy fun realtime PVP!
  • Over 50 gorgeous and unique Units and Heroes for your Armies
  • Underlying storyline that pits you as the leader of the heroic Chosen and the potential savior of humanity
About Armada Interactive
Armada Interactive the Helsinki-based studio behind Quantum Siege has studied the mobile landscape deeply before starting development. Guided by a desire for innovation we have searched for new ways to combine high fidelity visuals with an intuitive user experience. Now we are finally ready to share our work with mobile players all around the world.
More information about Armada Interactive: https://armadainteractive.com