Der er masser af muligheder for at komme rundt i Rage 2 når det rammer 14. maj. Når Wallker skal rundt så er det som med resten af Rage 2 med mest mulig ødelæggelse og galskab. Kan du se det kan du køre det!

Take your travel to the skies with the Icarus. This flying vehicle will transport you to all those hard-to-reach spots, and it’ll give you an advantage on the battlefield. Enter a fight in style by dropping in from above. Like the Phoenix and the Dispatch Chopper, the Icarus is easy to upgrade and customize.

An all-purpose death machine, the Phoenix is a fully upgradeable all-terrain vehicle that’s always at your beck and call. Complete with powerful weaponry like the Hellfire Missiles and Pulse (the Phoenix’s very own Shatter-like ability), the Phoenix is a Ranger’s most reliable ride.

Monster trucks
Who among us hasn’t dreamt of rolling over traffic in a loud, angry monter truck? In RAGE 2, other vehicles, people and obstacles will have no choice but to just sit there and get wrecked when you’re behind the wheel of one of the game’s monster trucks.

Dispatch Chopper
On a steel (and feltrite) horse you ride with the customizable Dispatch Chopper, one of three main vehicles in Walker’s garage. Sure, you’re a little more exposed to the elements and incoming enemy fire, but damn do you look cool.

Need help getting around the murky swamps of the Sekreto Wetlands? Look no further than the airboat, one of the River Hogs’ preferred methods of travel. Propel yourself over treacherous water with speed and efficiency.

RAGE 2 has a wide variety of racers, all designed for mind-boggling speed. Sure you can steal them, but you can also win them at the Torn Plains Racetrack.