Der sker hele tiden noget på gaming markedet. Nu er det hæderkronede mærke RAPTOR-GAMING blevet genoplivet med en serie af tilbehør til PlayStation. De har også tænke sig over tid at udvide til andre områder. Lige nu er de aktuelle med dobbelt ladestationen til PS5 kontrollere ovenfor. Der er også headset og et helt starterkit som vist nedenfor.

BrandFactory GmbH, which is specialized in the development and distribution of high-quality solutions for PC and console gamers, revived the well known brand RAPTOR-GAMING. 

After the sales of the brand RAPTOR-GAMING in 2012, it turned quiet around the brand. RAPTOR-GAMING was at the forefront of the developments in PC-Gaming peripherals in the early 2000´s. A variety of features which are considered standard today, got invented by RAPTOR-GAMING:

  • Weight changes in high-resolution gaming mice
  • Customizable gaming keyboards
  • Integrated cable management for gaming mice
  • Size adjustment using movable/interchangeable elements in gaming mice
  • Hearing-point adjustment for gaming headsets (Enemy Location Mode™)

Now, as part of the launch of the new generation of consoles, there is a revival of the brand. 

The new products are already shipping since end of September, making them one of the first available products for the new generation of consoles in Europe.

The following products are already shipping:

RAPTOR-GAMING H200 Black – PS5 Stereo Gaming-Headset

RAPTOR-GAMING H200 White – PS5 Stereo Gaming-Headset

RAPTOR-GAMING CC200 – 2in1 Play & Charge Cable for PS5 und PS4

RAPTOR-GAMING CS200 – Dual Charging-Station for PS5 Controller

RAPTOR-GAMING SK100 – Ultimate Starter Kit for PS5 (Chat Headset, Charging cable, Protective cover, Ergo attachments for thumb buttons)

RAPTOR-GAMING HX200 – Xbox X/S Stereo Gaming-Headset

RAPTOR-GAMING CCX200 – Play & Charge Set for Xbox X/S

The RAPTOR-GAMING portfolio will now merge step by step to other platforms as well.