Så er Razer aktuelle med et 60% tastatur med deres optiske taster. Det kaldes Razer Huntsman Mini og du får et præcist tastatur der ikke kræver noget særligt. Det er godt nok kun tilgængelig i en US udgave og personligt synes jeg ikke det er et stort problem.

Razer today announced the new Huntsman Mini Analog, the first compact 60% keyboard available on the market with Razer’s proprietary Analog Optical Switches, giving gamers superb levels of precision, performance, and control in a small, portable form factor.

Fitted with Razer Analog Optical Switches, the Huntsman Mini Analog brings a finer degree of control to gaming with adjustable analog sensitivity presets, and double keymapping for digital/analog inputs. This allows users to enjoy fine throttle-control or steering in racing games or assign two functions to a single key depending on how hard the key is pressed, to have both walk and sprint on a single button in an FPS.

For maximum durability, the Huntsman Mini Analog is topped with Doubleshot PBT keycaps, for a long lasting, textured finish, retaining their crisp looks even after extended use. An aluminum construction further adds to the overall durability of the keyboard, while the detachable Type-C cable guarantees easy portability.

The Huntsman Mini Analog is the first 60% gaming keyboard on the market to feature Razer Analog Optical Switches, making it ideal for LAN players, fans of minimalist gaming set-ups, or those looking to save space, whilst giving users the fine control and precision demanded by today’s games.

The new Huntsman Mini Analog brings precision and portability to users needing a small form factor keyboard with the fine control of Razer Analog Optical Switches.

March 2022.

Online at Razer.com, in-store at RazerStore locations, and at selected retailers.

159.99€ MSRP