Psyonix som er skaberne af det populære Rocket League, har annonceret at den nye spiltype Dropshot, nu er ude gratis til alle spillere. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen med forklaring på denne nye spiltype.

Launching March 22, Dropshot takes place in a new hexagonal arena known as ‘Core 707.’ Regular goalposts are nowhere to be found in the new stadium, so players must create their own dynamic scoring areas by using an electrified ball to break and eventually open the floor on their opponent’s side. Once a goal has been scored, that side of the arena closes back up and the action begins anew until time expires. As an added twist, the electrified ball itself will gain strength as players continue to hit and dribble it, with harder hits giving it stronger damage potential that can be unleashed on the opposing team’s floor to varying degrees.