Crytec har annonceret at Ryse: Son of Rome, der tidligere er udgivet af Microsoft som eksklusiv titel til Xbox One, kommer til PC i samarbejde med Deep Silver. Alle DLC pakker er indeholdt i udgivelsen der anvender CryEngine. Det betyder at spillet kan afvikles i 4K opløsning hvor Xbox One udgaven kun magtede 900p.

“We are bringing the Ryse experience to PC, with 4K resolution support,” says Carl Jones, Director of Business Development at Crytek. “4K gaming is another leap in graphics quality for PC gamers and Ryse is the perfect showcase for what’s now possible in high-end PC games.  We’ve given our team the opportunity to show what CRYENGINE can really achieve, without compromising quality, thanks to the incredible hardware available now to PC gamers.  Ryse will be a benchmark PC graphics showcase this year and probably for a long time in future.  Our community asked for a Ryse PC version, and we have the means and technology to deliver this title with the highest quality possible.”