Så er The Tombs of Terror åbnet i Hearthstone


Så er krypten åbnet og Uldums plager er sluppet fri. Dermed er E.V.I.L.’s plan sat i gang. Kapitel 1 var The Lost City og Kapitel 2 Scorching Dunes. Det her finde du i The Tombs of Terror:

Plague Lords – These larger-than-life monstrosities have gigantic persistent health pools. So, while you might not best them on your first attempt, you’ll pick up where you left off on the next run!

Dual-Class Heroes – Choose a Hero and be able to draft cards from TWO classes, along with new Hero Powers and Treasures.

Powerful Signature Treasures – Unlocked by completing challenges and bosses during your runs, your pack will fill out with tons of magical loot and powerful cards as you progress through the Tombs of Terror.