Se A World Apart During livestream i dag


Det er i dag kl 18 at du kan se udvikler lkivestream fra spillet A World Apart. Det er på Twitch

Gentlymad’s lead developer and Endzone’s Community Manager will take to the decimated remnants of what once was (not literally, of course) for two hours, showcasing gameplay, environments, and more. Viewers will have the chance to ask some of their burning questions about the game and discuss its development leading up to the Spring 2020 PC launch.

Endzone: A World Apart follows a group of refugees who, more than a century after a devastating worldwide nuclear terrorist attack, are leaving their underground bunkers and rebuilding society on the surface. After 150 years of dwelling underground in bunkers called “endzones,” the Earth’s surface seems like a breath of fresh air, though that couldn’t be any further from the truth!