Serious Sam: Tormental spæner ind i Early Access


Gungrounds og Croteam har nu deres twin-stick shooter Serious Sam: Tormental ude i Early Access på Steam. Det er som en del af Croteam Incubator som hjælper nye spil på vej.

Developed as part of the Croteam Incubator division, Serious Sam: Tormental is a rogue-lite twin-stick shooter where players embark on a journey through the tormented mind of a demigod of destruction – Mental. Players will face Mental’s wicked imaginations and roam dark dungeons, beating various challenges and discovering secrets on the way.
Serious Sam: Tormental is fully playable solo or with a friend in couch co-op. The game features four playable characters and three different worlds, with randomly generated areas that offer infinite replayability. 

The game launches with an Early Access roadmap promising new perks, areas, characters and more coming in the weeks and months to follow