Nu er The Sims 4 game pack’en Dream Home Decorator officielt tilgængelig!

Drømmehjem Game Pack (som den kaldes på dansk) giver designkyndige spillere mulighed for virkelig at udleve deres kreativitet og forvandle ethvert rum fra fladt til fantastisk med den ultimative home-makeover-oplevelse.

With the new Interior Decorator Freelance career, Sims can make their clients’ home makeover dreams a reality. For a successful renovation project, players will need to use their imagination to realize a space’s full potential and redesign it according to a clients’ needs, budget, Likes and Dislikes and more to earn a glowing recommendation!  

The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator introduces an array of fresh and flexible furnishings that will challenge players to bring their magic touch to their renovations, from sectional sofas, modular shelving to built-in stovetops and ovens. Simmers can show off the newly decorated spaces with a big reveal to see how their clients react, and create Before and After comparisons to showcase their impressive transformations.