Nu kan du blive rød og være grøn på samme tid. Normalt er elektronik ikke meget for at ligge i solen. Med en solar oplader fra Xtorm så kan du pleje din grønne sjæl mens du langsomt skifter fra den danske national kulør der er svagt lyseblå til sommerfarven krebserød. Omkring 200 kr. er faktisk en attraktiv pris.

The solar panel chargers by mobile charging solutions manufacturer Xtorm enable you to charge your mobile devices on the go, using clean energy you generate yourself.

Xtorm solar products are an environmentally friendly way of keeping smartphones, tablets and other USB devices charged.  No wall sockets required this summer thanks to these sustainable charging solutions, so recharging your mobile devices while you’re away for the day or on holiday need no longer be a problem.

Xtorm has a wide range of Solar Chargers to suit all tastes and meet all requirements; varying from a pocket-sized Mini Solar Charger to a SolarBooster with powerful 24 Watt solar panels. Xtorm is renowned for efficient charging and efficiency is equally important to its solar products. Incorporating the latest SunPower® technology, Xtorm solar chargers offer the highest level of solar efficiency in the entire sector.

The nice thing about these solar chargers is that they use UV radiation, meaning they will work just as well in the shade or on a cloudy day. So choose an environmentally friendly Xtorm solar charger this summer! That’s good for the environment and your pocket ; after all, sunshine is free!

Price and availability
Xtorm Solar Chargers and SolarBoosters are available from €25 in various (online) stores and at Xtorm offers two years guarantee and unlimited helpdesk support on all its products.