Team Sonic Racing nærmer sig målstregen


SEGA har afholdt deres årlige “Gotta Go Fast: The Official Sonic the Hedgehog” panel diskussion hvor der er talt om de nye elementer i det kommende Team Sonic Racing. Der er talt om hvordan musikken er blevet skabt og blev første del af en miniserie vist. Det er Team Sonic Racing Overdrive som du kan se nedenfor. Ovenfor kan du se de mange muligheder der findes for at tilpasse din racer.

One of the main highlights of today’s panel was the reveal of the first full episode of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, a two-part series developed by Tyson Hesse and Neko Productions that takes on a similar animation style as the popular Sonic Mania Adventures web series. The first episode will feature Team Sonic, Team Rose and Team Dark as they face off at Wisp Circuit.

The SXSW panel also revealed a sneak peek at the customization elements available in Team Sonic Racing as well as playful music from the game’s Bingo Party racetrack. On top of that, attendees experienced a vibrant remixed song from the critically acclaimed 2018 Animation, “Sonic Mania Adventures”, by Tee Lopes. Additional details and assets are available, below:

Team Sonic Racing Customization: 

Check out the best ways to customize your ride for the upcoming Team Sonic Racing in this new spotlight episode featuring Sonic Series Producer Takashi Iizuka. Explore the customization menu to get a peek at how to obtain and use mod pods, power ups and other personalization options like paint job alterations, new vehicle skins and custom horns. By earning in-game credits, players can venture to the garage to unlock parts for the front of their car, the rear or the wheels, allowing for alterations to the vehicle’s performance and handling.