Velkommen til Neighborville, hvor alt er lyserødt.

Der er nemlig kærlighed i luften, når den helt nye romantiske in-game festival Valenbrainz løber af stablen i Neighborville!

Nu kan spillere gi’ den græs i en konflikt mellem planter og zombier, der overøses med romantik. Men festivalen Valenbrainz er ikke den eneste nyhed.

PopCap Vancouver og EA kan nemlig også løfte sløret for Battle for Neighborville første og helt nye karakter, Wizard Zombie!

his month’s update gives players the opportunity to celebrate Valenbrainz in style as they tour a newly themed Giddy Park (decked out in lovey-dovey decor), try their hand at the brand new Turf Takeover map Preserve Pastures and earn some brand new themed cosmetic items. Up for grabs on this month’s prize map are Kernel Corn’s Foodal Lord Draconius Legendary Costume and Shogun-Guard upgrade. 

Players can use them individually to change up their look and how they play. They can even combine them to unleash the first-ever legendary upgrade – a personal shield for battle!

PopCap Vancouver and EA are also excited to lift the veil on Battle for Neighborville’s first all-new character, the Wizard Zombie

Players will be able to get their hands on the Wizard by reaching the end of the Prize Map during the Luck o’ the Zombie festival in March; after that, the character can be earned in-game with 500K coins.