Vi trænger alle sammen til at komme lidt ud. Så sammen med MI5 Communication har vi fundet det perfekte sted. Det er en idyllisk lille landsby med masser af atmosfære. Her finder du det eksklusive slot som danner rammerne omkring Dimitrescu B&B. Læse mere nedenfor eller hvad Alan synes om sit besøg.

In previous Resident Evil locals you had to make due with creaky mansions, narrow city streets and cultish village houses. No more, now you can enjoy the big lavish Dimitrescu Castle, that may or may not come with another cultish village. In this luxurious Transylvanian castle experience, nothing is forgotten! 

You can explore and have a cozy picnic in one of our many lush outdoor areas.

Are you looking for more of a relaxing time? Then visit our spa area for massage chairs, meditation and blood sacrifi…. I mean yoga. You will undoubtedly get an unforgettable and permanent experience.

Maybe you want to end the evening with some delicious transylvanian cuisine, you won´t find meat as rare and tender as this anywhere else trust me, and don’t worry about finding the restaurant, our 24/7 customer oriented employes will come to you.

Should you have any questions or complaints be sure to take it up with the hostess, she is great with criticism, and wants to make your visit as memorable as possibly.

We sincerely hope that you’ll find everything with your stay to your liking and we are sure you won’t even want to leave, or be able to….