En ny survival Co-Op game mode har netop ramt Warframe´s konsol del. Byd stort velkommen til Beasts of the Sanctuary.

Ud over den trailer der præsenterer Khora, får I et udpluk af pressemeddelelsen her:

LONDON, ON – May 10, 2018 – Independent Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes is
issuing in spring today with Beasts of the Sanctuary, available today for PlayStation®4 and Xbox
One. Highlighted by the multifaceted Khora, the first new Warframe of 2018, and Sanctuary
Onslaught, a totally new team-based, survival-style mode, Beasts of the Sanctuary challenges
players to find the perfect balance of speed, shooting and style, all for free. Jump into the fray now
to participate in the time-limited Plague Star Event, starting today, May 10 and ending Tuesday,
May 22nd.

The stylistically armor-clad Khora offers a versatile combination of offensive and defensive
capabilities starting with a metallic whip that strikes from a distance and follows up with a metallic
Kavat (cat pet) that quickly engulfs enemies in a whirlwind of pain. The new Sanctuary Onslaught
mode, where Khora can be found, enables solo players, or a squad of up to four, to quickly dash
through timed portals while blasting waves of increasingly powerful enemies. Both Khora and
Sanctuary Onslaught together offer fresh new ways for Tenno to harness Warframe’s cooperative
chaos, and both are free with the Beasts of the Sanctuary.

Den nye Co-Op game mode er ude igennem en opdatering, som kan downloades til Xbox One og PlayStation 4.