Free Lives (dem bag Broforce) og udgiverne Devolver Digital har nu ‘Wet Hot Summer Update’ for multiplayer schlong ‘em up spillet Genital Jousting ude på Steam Early Access. Her er pressemeddelelsen:

The new Wet Hot Summer Update for Genital Jousting brings a throbbing orgy of new content includes six new party modes, five stylish new outfits, and a buttload of fun for up to eight players locally or online. Players can tangle with friends in wild modes like Sexy Car Wash, VolleyBalls, Get Pumped, and Spa Day.

Since its launch late last year, Genital Jousting has been purchased by nearly 200,000 players and developer Free Lives is celebrating the milestone with a Genital Jousting Fan Art contest. Longtime fans and curious newcomers with some artistic talent can visit and submit their original fan art through July. Free Lives and friends will judge all entries and place the winning pieces into a the game via the Genital Jousting Fan Art Gallery and Steam trading cards alongside cash prizes.

“Genital Jousting has exceeded all sales forecasts and expectations which, if we’re being honest, were all at zero,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “But like my grandmother always said, people love them some penises and buttholes.”

Genital Jousting is available now via Steam Early Access for 4.99€. For more information and to become part of the conversation follow @Free_Lives on Twitter and visit on the internet.