Så er ADATA der bl.a. producerer DRAM moduler blevet hædret med Japans GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Det er med deres SSD LEGEND 960 MAX. Læs mere her:

ADATA Technology, a manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, mobile accessories, gaming products, electric power trains, and industrial solutions today announced that it has been awarded two 2022 Good Design Awards for product design excellence. The award winners include the ACE Memory Series and LEGEND 960 MAX Solid State Drive. As the next generation of creators demands high efficiency and multi-tasking capable hardware, ADATA actively responds to consumer needs and creates a balance between aesthetics and function to cater to consumer markets, manifesting ADATA’s brand spirit. ADATA continues to challenge itself and innovate the future by introducing next-generation total solutions.

ACE DRAM with Smooth Multitasking for Creators

ACE DRAM uses simple concentric circles, a high-quality aluminum heatsink, and nanoimprinted surfaces with different angles to present an understated elegance. What’s more, featuring the use of special coating technology, its surfaces are resistant to unsightly fingerprints. With selected low-latency chips, ACE DRAM gives you superior performance to similar DRAM modules, before overclocking. In addition, ACE DRAM supports Intel XMP for easy overclocking while maintaining stable operations. ACE DRAM provides gamers and creators with a smooth user experience when processing large volumes of data; and supports the latest Intel and AMD platforms, delivering excellent performance.

LEGEND 960 MAX Solid State Drive with Effective Cooling

With the growth of gaming and content creation, the requirements for storage devices are expanding. To meet the needs of gamers, the LEGEND 960 MAX utilizes the PCIe Gen4 interface, which meets the NVMe 1.4 standard, to provide blazing fast read/write speeds of up to 7400/6800 MB/s. These speeds are ideal for 3D animation, gaming, virtual art, and beyond with capacities of up to 4TB. The LEGEND 960 MAX provides effective cooling through its cutting-edge heatsink design and works with PS5 consoles as expanded storage, providing a smooth gaming experience with no lag.


The GOOD DESIGN AWARD has been celebrating exemplary product design for over 60 years, ever since its founding in 1957 as the Good Design Product Selection System (or G Mark System), under the sponsorship of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan. GOOD DESIGN AWARD has recognized various objects surrounding us, including industrial goods, architecture, software, systems, services, and so on. Whether tangible or intangible, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD will evaluate its design and judge its quality, as long as it is created to fulfill specific ideals or purposes. Through a rigorous screening process, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD aims to provide support and promotion to those who have managed to identify and surpass the possibilities and limits of design, in pursuit of the creation of a society where everyone can lead rich, creative lives.