Det svenske Dota2 eSports hold, Alliance, er nu klar til den sidste major. Det kræver en top placering for at de er klar til The International. Det mindste de kan slippe afsted med er en top to i Starladder Minor.

After a hard-fought group stage, Alliance managed to emerge as winners of their group, and would later in the week face another Swedish organization in Ninjas in Pyjamas – twice. The first time, Alliance emerged victorious and secured a spot in the finale, and then also a spot in the EPICENTER Major. When they later faced off again, NiP won the finale after a very close five game-series.

With a second place at the minor, Alliance now needs at least an eighth place at the upcoming major to secure enough points to get a spot at The International.
The EPICENTER Major starts June 22. Make sure to follow Alliance on Twitter to be up to date with their adventures.