Newcastle bliver den 21. legende i Apex Legends. Han er de svages beskytter og helten fra Harris Valley. Du kan se mere i trailen og læse om hans evner under.

Protector of the weak and the champion of Harris Valley, the heroic Newcastle makes his debut in Apex Legends: Saviors, but few know the man behind the mask. As a defender of his small town, Newcastle has developed a defensive playstyle, but his entry into the Apex Games will mark his most difficult challenge yet in keeping the people of Harris Valley safe.

Newcastle becomes the 21st Legend next week with the launch of Apex Legends: Saviors, and his abilities show why sometimes the best offense is a good defense:

  • Passive – Retrieve the Wounded: Using his wrist-mounted Revive Shield, Newcastle can protect himself and his companion from incoming fire while he revives and pulls his ally to safety. 
  • Tactical – Mobile Shield: Newcastle creates a hovering energy shield that adapts to the ever changing combat fronts of the battlefield, whether it’s advancing the line, covering a retreat or turning the shield to guard against a sudden flank. 
  • Ultimate – Castle Wall: Drawing his signature shield from his back, Newcastle leaps into action and slams the shield to the ground activating the construction of a massive fortress.

Apex Legends: Saviors will launch on May 10 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.