Så er Arlo ude med deres Pro 5 sikkerhedskamera i norden. Det har en ny avanceret billedesensor som kan optage 2K i farve selv når det er mørkt. Læs med her:

Europe’s leading home security camera brand, Arlo, today announces the launch of its Pro 5 Camera in the Nordics. With its advanced image sensor, the newly-available smart home security camera records advanced 2K colour video 24/7, and can capture more than 68 billion colours – over 100 times better than a human eye.  

Many burglaries take place during night-time, making it the point at which your home is most vulnerable. If the worst were to happen it is therefore important having the best possible evidence material. To support this, the Arlo Pro 5 Camera offers 24/7 colour recording which help users to capture full-spectrum colour, even in the dark. The camera enables ultimate night-time protection, as it sees all the details that could help police lead to a conviction in the case of an incident. 

Advanced 2K Colour Night Vision  

Able to record 6X more colour detail than its predecessor, Pro 4, the Pro 5 is over 100 times better than a human eye at seeing rich colour and detail. With advanced night-vision, the camera also allows users to acquire perfectly clear ‘mugshots’, capturing faces in full colour when prompted by the spotlight. The 12x zoom feature allows for a higher chance of identifying intruders, with 2k clarity that eliminates grainy or blurry video. 

New Arlo Secure App 

Pro 5 Camera will be the first camera to launch with the new Arlo Secure app. Fuelled by One-Tap technology, the new App allows for faster navigation and gives users the power to monitor and secure their homes in one simple click. Arlo knows that every user’s needs are different, so the app offers improved personalised settings, allowing for greater control and a tailored approach to your home’s security. Motion alerts are sent straight to your smartphone and with an Arlo Secure Subscription (sold separately) users can identify & prioritise people, cars, pets and packages. For every alert you receive, a video recording is saved securely to the cloud for up to 60 days* so you never lose evidence if your local storage is damaged or stolen. 

Improved battery and dual band Wi-Fi 

The Pro 5 Camera boasts up to 30% more battery life than its predecessors as standard, meaning less charging and more protection. Pro 5 will also debut the new ‘low power mode’, which, when activated, can give users up to 50% additional battery life by streamlining notifications and video previews. It is also the first Arlo Pro camera that allows for dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and connects to both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies, meaning it can be connected directly to any Wi-Fi router for 24/7 protection. 

Powerful Spotlight and Built-in smart siren   

Deterrents such as light or sound are important aspects to your home’s protection. The Pro 5 Camera’s powerful spotlight can illuminate faces from 7m away and the cameras built-in smart siren can help to scare away intruders. 

The Pro 5 Camera is the latest addition to Arlo’s Pro camera line-up with RRP starting at 2 790 SEK / 2 790 NOK / 1 895 DKK / 249,99 EUR. The camera is already available for purchase in select countries from www.arlo.com, and from April 1st the Pro 5 will also be available from all Arlo retailers.