Rift er en MMORPG titel som har levet i mange år. Nu kan vi dele den glædelige nyhed om at Battle Pass vender tilbage til spillet igen. Hvis du ikke kender til Battle Pass og gerne vil vide mere om det, så er der lidt god information om det her:

gamigo announces that starting today, Season 1 of the Battle Pass for the fantasy MMO RIFT will return.

Players can progress through 30 levels of challenges by completing daily and weekly quests, thus earning Battle Pass experience points and rewards. The Battle Pass can be played for free and will reward players with various consumables and a set of artifacts that will literally make their pants burn – the “Pants on Fire” effect. If players want to invest more, they can purchase the Battle Pass for EUR 6,99, giving them the chance to get a set of fiery costume items and additional bonuses. Patron status allows for additional rewards in combination with the Battle Pass, for example – the chance to receive a special fiery dragon.