Det kan være at det ikke er din mobiltelefon som skal lades når du nyder udelivet. Hvis du har valgt helt at trække stikket på din ferie skal der stadig være strøm til dit kamera og din GPS. Måske kan det blive nødvendigt at oplade dine bluetooth højtalere og så er Xtorm på pletten. Vi har anmeldt AM121 og du kan finde et produkt der matcher dit behov. Vi har sakset:

Outdoor design
Xtorm solar chargers are very well designed and take account of use during outdoor activities. This means the chargers are designed to be portable so that they can be attached to a tent or a backpack for example. In addition some chargers have an IP classification indicating that the product is water- and dustproof.  The chargers are also fitted with the latest SunPower® technology, which allows Xtorm to offer the highest solar efficiency in the entire industry.

Xtorm has a broad range where you can find a suitable solar charger for any adventure. Mobile devices stay charged ‘off grid’ with this handy gadget. And generating your own power gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom!

Price and availability
Xtorm Solar Chargers and SolarBoosters are available from €25 in various (online) stores and at Xtorm offers two years guarantee and unlimited helpdesk support on all its products.