Ikke nok med det så har tyske Crytek også annonceret at CRYENGINE i version 3.8.1 også understøtter Oculus Rift ogAMD’s LiquidVR så udviklere lettere kan hoppe med på den store Virtual Reality bølge. Crytek’s Frank Vitz udtaler:

Since showcasing our own work with VR, we’ve seen an overwhelming response from developers who want to use CRYENGINE for their virtual reality projects as well. Our experience in stereoscopic 3D, combined with the engine’s rendering power and ability to deliver high resolution images at a high frame rate, means CRYENGINE offers a degree of visual fidelity that many people feel is foundational to a compelling VR experience. We can’t wait to see what other CRYENGINE users create now that they have VR capabilities at their fingertips.

Vi glæder os til at se de første spil som hurtig kunne porteres i OpenGL. Licenser stater ved ca. 75 kr. om måneden. Du kan læse mere her: http://www.cryengine.com/