Det er i morgen onsdag at Bungie kommer med den sidste livestream inden hypen skal igang til Destiny 2. Nåede du ikke sidste uges så kan du se mere til den nye Age of Triupmh som på hele 13 sider opsummere dine 3 år med Destiny. Spol 12 minutter frem så starter den. Bogen starter 28. marts sammen med opdaterede raids:

Return of old Raids
• Vault of Glass, Crota’s End and King’s Fall return
• Offer new Featured Raid Activities, “Weekly Rituals,” and are updated to start at 390 Light Level
• Fine tuned the experiences you know and love

New Record Book
• Biggest record book ever created for Destiny
• 13 pages of accolades
• Triumphs for every type of player
• Achieve rank 7 in the record book to be eligible to purchase a personalised t-shirt from the Bungie store
• You don’t have to complete all activities to get the rewards (i.e. if you like PvE you don’t have to go into the Crucible, no need to be “flawless” to complete Trials of Osiris)