Evolve udvikler sig på PC. Så helt bogstaveligt. Turtle Rock Studios og 2K introducerer nu Evolve Stage 2. Evolve har fået en komplet overhaling på PC med helt nye spilmekanikker og endnu bedre ydelse. Det er gratis på Steam og du kan læse mere herTurtle Rock glemmer ikke trofaste fans så alle der har Evolve bliver automatisk Founders. Vi har sakset beskrivelse af Founders nedenfor:

Du kan læse om ændringerne her: https://evolvegame.com/news/en-evolve-stage-2-announce 

Founders Status in Evolve Stage 2

With the launch of Evolve Stage 2 as a Free title on Steam, we did not want to forget the players who believed in Turtle Rock Studios from the very beginning and supported Evolve when we first launched back in February 2015. When returning Steam players login to Evolve Stage 2 for the first time, they will be granted ‘Founders Status’. This includes a number of bonus items and continued exclusive unlocks as we continue to update Evolve Stage 2. Below is a breakdown of what it means to be a Founder in Evolve Stage 2.

What is a Founder?

Any player who previously owned Evolve on Steam and bought any DLC content such as skins or characters will have all paid content carry over into Evolve Stage 2. Not only do you get all your old content, Founders will get exclusive badges, skins and other cosmetic items as we continue to update Evolve Stage 2 in the weeks to come.

What do Founders get on Launch Day?

All content currently available for Founders is detailed below:

  • 3,000 Silver Keys, all past and future Adaptations for previously owned Hunters and Monsters, dozens of Weapon Skins, and four unique, animated Founder badges.
  • If you owned any Hunters, Monsters, or Skins previously, those will be carried over to Evolve Stage 2.

Future Founder Content

As a further show of our appreciation to our Founders, we’ll continue to add new Founder exclusive cosmetic items and Adaptations that our Founders will get as soon as they launch.

Thanks again for being a supporter of Evolve, we can’t wait to see you back on Shear.