Få fordelen med de nye MSI HX Gaming Laptops – GT77/GE77/GE67


Så er der sprit nye MSI gamer laptops på vej. Det er nye modelle i Raider og Titan med modelbetegnelserne GT77/GE77/GE67. De kommer nu med 240Hz OLED display og mekaniske Cherry MX taster. Vi har mere information under sammen med lancerings trailerne.

MSI – the innovative computing manufacturer in gaming and creator laptops – proudly unveils a new lineup of laptops equipped with the latest 12th Gen Intel® HX series processors. The new premium laptop lineup delivers not just extreme performances but an innovative set of features including the built-in mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, exclusive built-in color calibration report and the world’s first QHD 240Hz OLED display. The new lineup promises premium gameplay and super-efficient content creation for the most performance-addicted enthusiasts and top-notch creators.

The new gaming laptop lineup features a significant performance improvement over previous models, including up to 100% increase in CPU performance. And thanks to the robust cooling system, the new gaming laptops can push the latest Intel® HX processors to their limits with a whopping 150W maximum turbo power. The exclusive MSI OverBoost technology also pushes the envelope with a combined 250W1 power delivery to CPU plus GPU, promising the most immersive and premium gameplay.

MSI is including the world’s first Samsung Display QHD 240Hz OLED display on its new gaming laptop. It balances high resolution and refresh rate, and delivers all the advantages of OLED, including super-low response time, super-wide color gamut and super-high contrast ratio.

“The World 1st mass-produced QHD 240Hz OLED by Samsung Display will provide the best gaming experience with rich color expressions, true black, and exceptional seamless motion speed. In addition, OLED promises eye protection with flicker-free and less blue light. Leveraging extraordinary performances including eye-friendly characteristics, Samsung OLED is expected to be the new standard of a gaming laptop display.” – By Bobby Su, the GM & Vice President of Samsung Taiwan.

The premium and accurate display is important for professionals and creators alike. The exclusive True Pixel technology assures that each laptop display will be calibrated in the factory, promising the most accurate color reproduction. MSI is now including an exclusive color calibration report with each laptop, detailing all the parameters of the display, including Delta-E or Gamma value.

Having precise control is critical for any gaming laptop, so the new MSI gaming laptop rearms the mechanical keyboard with class-leading Cherry MX switches, delivering a top-notch keypress feel. Combined with the per-key RGB lighting and exclusive SteelSeries GG control software, the new gaming laptop has raised the bar for modern laptop keyboard.

The new MSI gaming laptops also come with Meta-Ready certification, promising smooth exploration or construction of Metaverse. The exclusively-bundled Animaze software provides the sweet taste of Metaverse with animated avatar available for the top-rated meeting apps like Zoom or Teams.