Intet blockbuster spil uden en solid special udgave. Farcry 4 følger trop med Ultimate Kyrat Edition som vist på billedet ovenfor. Den fåes udelukkende på Ubisoft’s uPlay  butik til ca. 800 på PC og 900 for konsoller. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen og pakken indeholder:
• Hurk’s Redemption: Three action-packed single-player missions featuring Hurk, the popular Far Cry 3 character
o Mission 1: Fight dangerous enemies in the ice caves of snow-capped mountains to retrieve a rare artifact.
o Mission 2: What’s better than riding elephants? Fighting waves of enemies on an elephant with Hurk by your side.
o Mission 3: In this epic finale, chase down an enemy convoy in a gyrocopter and save Hurk from certain death.

• Hurk’s exclusive Harpoon gun “the Impaler”!
• A 20 cm figurine of the game’s villain Pagan Min seated on an elephant throne
• A travel journal to record your own adventures
• A Pagan Min Propaganda Poster
• The game Map
• The Far Cry 4 Season Pass
• The exclusive future pack™ Metal Box
• An exclusive collector case