Så er Nacon og Eko Software ude med Handball 21. Som du kan se så er Danmark flot repræsenteret på coveret. Nedenfor er en gameplay video.

The video highlights three fundamental aspects of Handball 21, which fans of the sport will love.

For the first time, motion capture was used in the graphical overhaul of the animations. The stars of handball and their movements are now much more realistic. In pursuit of more realism, the atmosphere and passion of supporters have been integrated into the game.

The gameplay has also been redesigned to add more depth to the game. For offensive play, you can now easily switch your tactics and set plays with the directional buttons. In defence, you will need to control the whole defensive line and be alert to prevent your opponent from scoring. 

Handball 21 has a lot of officially licensed content. Players can find their favourite team in the eight European leagues (including the French D1 and D2 leagues) and from the 129 teams playing in them, and play with 2,299 official players. Two famous players – Nicolas Karabatic and Fabian Wiede, who play for PSG and Füchse Berlin respectively – are the game’s ambassadors at launch.

Finally, you can experience the sport with three different game modes. With “My squad”, you can customise the equipment of your players and team. In “Solo” mode, you can play as the team you customised in My Squad, manage recruitments to improve the team and take them to the top. As for “Championship” mode, you can choose an existing team and take them through an entire season. And finally, in Multiplayer mode, you can play matches with friends locally or online.

Handball 21 is the new video game benchmark for the sport. Thanks to multiple improvements, fans can experience the intensity of their favourite sport alone or with friends: new motion-captured animations, more intelligent AI, engaging and tactically demanding gameplay, and official content with 2,299 players recreated in the game.

Handball 21 will be available on PS4™, Xbox One and PC November 12