Ghost of Tsushima har været et af årets helt store spiloplevelser og nu kan du få officielle tryk. De kommer fra galleriet Cook and Becker. Der er et yderligere eksempel nedenfor.

Art gallery Cook and Becker proudly presents a new series of high quality, video game concept art prints, this time from the Ghost of Tsushima video game! The prints are all concept art used in the creation of the game, with artists like Ian Jun Wei Chiew, Mitch Mohrhauser or Romain Jouandeau ideating on themes (colourful biomes and vistas) and shapes (pagodas) that will look highly familiar to players. The high quality art prints are made in close conjunction with Sucker Punch Productions and are available in limited editions. 

Concept work like ‘The Legend of the Demon Killing Bow’, shown above, helped Sucker Punch generate ideas about the expressive open world samurai game with its bold colours, breathtaking vistas and a striking level of historic detail.

Prints are museum-grade quality, using only the best quality paper and archival inks to ensure longevity. All works are made in close collaboration with Sucker Punch Productions, and fully licensed. 

Available for purchase unframed, or with a high-quality frame or finish, this unique collection will warm the heart of every Ghost of Tsushima fan.

Visit the full collection by clicking this link. For more information, visit our official website: