Fallout 76 rykker nærmere og så kunne vi passende se på historien bag Vault Boy. Hvem er han egentlig? Og hvor kommer han fra. Vi har sakset fra pressemeddelelelserne

Before the Great War happened in the Fallout universe, the US government hired a company called Vault-Tec to design and produce a series of bomb- and research shelters known as vaults. Vault Boy is their mascot, and therefore he appears in their adverts, guides etc.

In real life, Vault Boy was originally designed by Leonard Boyarsky – One of the creators of the very first Fallout game from 1997. He based the character partly on Rich Uncle Pennybags – the Monopoly Man. Vault Boy characteristically has wavy, short, blonde hair and a blue jumpsuit with yellow details on it. Mostly he wears a giant smile, but he does have other expressions as well. (Poster-boys are allowed to be sad, believe it or not.)

Vault Boy is not only the icon and mascot for the entire Fallout series, he is also the icon for various in game stats like traits and skills. He also appears as a visual for the player’s survival and actions. Vault Boy is not to be mistaken for ”Pip-Boy”, which is the personal information processor that acts as the game interface in the Fallout games. Vault Boy sometimes also gets confused with Fallout Boy –  An American band with a name based on a character from the Simpsons.

Over the years there’s been various merch, cosplay, fan art and even tattoos featuring the Vault Boy. Needless to say he’s a beloved happy-go-lucky guy and we look forward to seeing more of in – in any shape and form.

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