Vi lægger ud med launch traileren til HITMAN 2 som du kan se her under. Vi er igang med at spille og kommer med vores anmeldelse når vi har prøvet kræfter med det første Elusive Target som kommer 20. november. Det er 13. november det officielt rammer, selvom alle der har forudbestilt allerede sidder og spiller. MI5 Communication har også samlet et overblik over danske udviklere som du kan se nedenfor. Selvom danske politikkere hellere vil støtte dansk film så er der heldigvis langt mere kunstnerisk talent hos danske spiludviklere.


The Danes are great at many things, we’ve looked into that before. But it turns out, they’re also pretty good at making video games. Although the Danish game developers aren’t exactly having the spotlight on them, that doesn’t mean they’ve made some lovable titles throughout the years.
Deadline Games

This Danish game developer were founded in 1996, and made games such as Watchmen: The End is Nigh and the educational Globetrotter games. The first mentioned served as a prequel to the movie Watchmen, which is an adaption of the DC comic with the same name. Just a few months after releasing the Watchmen game, Deadline Games filed for bankrupcy.

Investigate North

Cloud Chamber is Investigate North’s first game, released in 2014. With this title, they won TIGA’s award for ”best small studio social game” in 2014. Over the years, Investigate North has specialised in Intergrated Media; combining film and games.


21-year old Reto-Moto is best known for developing Heroes & Generals – Their only title so far. Heroes & Generals were released in 2016, and had 10 million registered users as of January 2017. Later that year Nordisk Film aquired a minority stake in Reto-Moto.


KILOO’s most known game is the mobile game Subway Surfers, which they’ve developed together with (also Danish) SYBO Games. Subway Surfers were released in 2012, and in May 2018 the game hit two BILLION downloads. It’s reportedly the second most downloaded game of all time on the iOS App Store.

And of course… IO Interactive

On top of the Danish game developer-iceberg is IO Interactive. With a current 170 employees, and an upcoming AAA-title in HITMAN 2, they are one of the cornerstones of Danish game development. They’ve shown that crooked roads will also take you forward. If you want to learn more about their journey to where they are today, you can check out our “History of IO Interactive” here.