Så er Private Division og Squad ude med den gratis pakke Kerbal Space Program: Shared Horizons. Der kommer også en konsol udgave i løbet af efteråret.

Developed in close collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), the update adds two cornerstone missions led by Europe’s chief space organization, the landmark Ariane 5 rocket, an ESA-themed space suit for Kerbals, new parts, and science experiments for players to conduct. The BepiColombo mission recreates ESA’s ongoing joint mission to Mercury with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency while the Rosetta mission commemorates landing on a Jupiter-family comet. 

For more information about the update check KSP Loading…: Sharing Horizons with ESA post on the official KSP forums.

*Shared Horizons update requires the Kerbal Space Program base game. Visit kerbalspaceprogram.com for the latest details.

Happy launchings!