Så er den lukkede tekniske beta for Disintegration på trapperne. Det er en af skaberne af Halo, Marcus Lehto, som står bag. Hans nye studie hedder V1 Interactive og det er Private Division som er udgiver. Det var et af de spil vi prøvede på GamesCom sidste år. Betaen komme til at køre på PS4, Xbox One og PC på følgende datoer: 

Tuesday | Jan 28, 2020 | 8am PT-11:59pm PT*** 
Wednesday | Jan 29, 2020 | 8am PT-11:59pm PT*** 

The open beta will follow shortly after starting on January 31st and running through February 1st, also on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Both betas will allow players to test two of the three frenetic multiplayer game modes that will be available in the full game at launch.
In Retrieval, the first game mode, players compete in two intense rounds in which one team attempts to deliver a payload which can only be carried by their ground crew while the other team defends. In the second game mode, Control, two teams vie for domination over various capture points. Players must ensure their ground crew are alive and within the zone as this is the only way to accrue score to win the match.
Players will be able to play with seven of the final game’s unique crews in the beta, such as the damage-boosting Tech Noir or the nuke-launching Warhedz. The purpose of the betas will to ensure stability and collect feedback ahead of when the game launches
later this year.
For more information about Disintegration and its closed & open beta, please visit https://www.disintegrationgame.com.