Erhvervsledere skal være nådesløse overfor konkurrenterne. Det er mottoet for skurken i Park Beyond der udkommer en gang i 2023.

In Park Beyond, you get to create the park of your dreams – but you will also need to pay attention to its financial status and create an entertaining experience for the visitors. As a visioneer, you will have to make sure the park turns a profit by ensuring a variety of fun rides for all ages and make them easily accessible to visitors.

You will need to keep an eye on the overall happiness by providing the visitors with all the goods and services they need, delivered by well-trained staff keeping the park safe and tidy. An extraordinary experience will loosen up the visitor’s wallet for a purchase of very special souvenirs, which only satisfied visitors want to get.

While building and handling challenging parks in the expansive story mode of Park Beyond, you will also have to watch out for your rival’s aggressive methods and dirty tricks as he tries to take your business down. With disregard for anything fun and his terrible management methods, we introduce Giles Hemlock, CEO of Hemlock Consortium, and self-proclaimed genius. His number one goal is to crush any joy and dreams under the heel of profit making and parking complexes!