Du skal mere end a flippe burgere i den bedste burger joint i galaksen. Forgift dine kunder og dræb dem. Det er jo kød som gør dine burgere helt specielle.

In Godlike Burger you play as an eccentric chef whose most valuable ingredients are his own alien customers. He strives to create the most delicious and unusual burgers in the universe and travels the galaxy in a flying space diner in search of new inspiration. Players have to acquire new ingredients (read: lure customers into traps and then turn them into patties), manage their restaurant and avoid getting caught. By catering to their customers’ preferences for different kinds of alien meat, upgrading the kitchen and their repertoire, they improve their restaurant’s reputation and can afford to travel to new planets. But they should never stay in one place too long because the space police are always on the lookout for the crazy culinarian with a bloody cleaver.

Key Features

  • Kill your customers with a range of hidden traps or the good old meat cleaver! Their delicious meat is your special ingredient after all.
  • Cook the best burgers and turn your pitiful burger joint into the universe’s most famous restaurant.
  • Improve your kitchen and find out what each alien race likes – uncover the secret of the perfect burger.
  • Explore the galaxy and its worlds. There are different alien species and their individual strengths and weaknesses to discover.
  • Don’t get caught! Leave no witnesses and keep the police’s suspicion low by playing and planning smartly.

Godlike Burger will be released on PC via Steam, GOG.com and Epic Game Store on April 21st.