Så er der en service meddelelse. 7. oktober er No Man’s Sky landet på Nintendo Switch. Der er selvfølgelig en trailer som du akn se nedenfor. Det er Bandai Namco der er udgiver. No Man’s Sky er et libe service spil så der er hele tiden nye ting at tage sig til.

Hello Games and Bandai Namco Europe announced today that No Man’s Sky released today for Nintendo Switch. It is available digitally through the Nintendo eShop and physically through all retailers. For the first time ever, a physical PlayStation 5 version is also available today.

Originally released in 2016, No Man’s Sky is a science fiction exploration game set in a procedurally-generated universe. It boasts an almost infinite number of never-before-seen planets and star systems to explore, each one teeming with life to be discovered. Players can choose to explore, craft, build, trade, fight or just try to survive in this vast intergalactic playground.

Since its initial launch, No Man’s Sky has received six years-worth of major content updates, 20 major updates to date. Day one players on Nintendo Switch can expect everything that was possible and applicable from those updates, as well as any other coming in the future delivering new content to this already massive universe. The 21st update, Waypoint, is the 4.0 update and releases today across all platforms including Nintendo Switch. Waypoint brings hundreds of design changes across the whole game making it a perfect time to start a new journey for new players and seasoned players alike.

The No Man’s Sky community is one of the largest and most welcoming in all of gaming. For many it is their “forever game”, with over half a billion hours played, across millions of players.

As a live service game, No Man’s Sky is constantly evolving with a continuous stream of new content and features that will come to all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.