Så er der inverview med Jessie Buckley (der spiller Kate Wilder i spillet) om hendes erfaringer med at lægge stemme til en karakter i et spil. Det er førset gang hun gør det. Det kan være du kender hende fra Fargo, Taboo eller Chernobyl. Se første del af to her:

The Devil in Me and the leading actor Jessie Buckley plays Kate Wilder in the game, who coincidentally is the star of a fictional tv show. Buckley was nominated for an Oscar (best supporting actor, The Lost Daughter) this year and has also been seen in tv series such as Fargo, Taboo, and Chernobyl. She also played the lead in Alex Garland’s latest film Men released earlier this year.

Watch part 1 of our 2 part series of interviews with Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley, as she talks about her first experience acting in a video game, and the challenges that came with it.

Learn more about her character in The Devil in Me, Kate Wilder, Kate’s personality, and her relationships with the other characters as they try to survive the horrors of the terrifying Murder Castle.