Så sejles er nye forsyninger til World of Warships som er udgaven på PC og World of Warships: Legends der er konsol udgaven. Det store nye er ubåde i tech træet på WoWs mens konsolspillerne får flere nye skibe og en kampagne hvor den japanske destroyer Hayate venter for enden. Du kan se de to trailere nedenfor:

Wargaming, publisher and developer of World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends, has launched two absolutely packed November updates for their two leading naval MMOs. World of Warships on PC sees playable submarines landing in the tech tree, as well as an impressive selection of Japanese light cruisers entering Early Access. Console players are also treated to new ships and content in World of Warships: Legends with a five-week, 100-milestone campaign where Japanese Premium Tier VIII  destroyer Hayate awaits, and a Treasure Chest of pirate content including two new Captains and crates with various plunder inside, including a fistful of guaranteed doubloons.

Visual improvements across the board 

Update 0.11.10 brings a host of graphics improvements to the game. Visuals for a number of maps including “Mountain Range”, “North” and “Strait” have received highly detailed textures, and the “Northern Lights” map has also seen an overhaul to more realistically depict aurora borealis. Vegetation models have also been upgraded across all maps, and ships see improved graphics with a convincing wetting effect implemented, wave divergence changes and dynamic reflections all updated for improved realism. 

Japanese light cruisers and submarines set to sea

Kicking off World of Warships November content drop is the introduction of six new Japanese light cruisers to Early Access. These ships are armed with high-damage and high-range torpedoes to strike significant damage on enemies from far away. Further enabling sneak attacks, these cruisers can take advantage of the element of surprise using their good camouflaging. From Tier VII upwards ships in this range sport torpedo tubes equipped with a revolving mechanic, and Tier VIII upwards also see the addition of a large number of main battery guns.

These ships are available to players through a wide range of means, with some ships available through consecutive sets like the Agano, Gokase and Shimanto, and others available through combat missions and in random packs.

As these ships enter Early Access, submarines have departed and made their way to the tech tree, with German and American submarines researchable to all players. These covert vessels span Tier VI-X, and can strike lethal damage with their powerful torpedoes. The two nations offer different opportunities for gameplay, as German ships sport long-range acoustically guided torpedoes and a wide margin of autonomy, while the American submarines are equipped with short-range acoustic torpedoes and boast quicker recovery.

Premium Japanese destroyer and Pirate antics

World of Warships: Legends also offers Japanese watercraft to its players, with Japanese Tier VIII Premium destroyer Hayate waiting at the end of a classic Warships-style Brewing Storm campaign, taking place across five weeks with 100 milestones to achieve. Hayate is powerful, with a sturdy HP pool, as well as impressive torpedoes and excellent fire-starting capabilities. To secure this beauty, players must complete Brewing Storm with Admiralty Backing active; however a catch-up mechanic is in place alongside Heroic Effort missions to help carry stragglers to victory.

Pirates also come on board in this update, with plenty of treasure for players to unearth, including two new Captains, each with their own unique voiceover, two new ships Caprice and La Foudre, and themed Treasure Chest Crates packed full of doubloons and plenty of other treats. Beyond this pirate content is the addition of six new ships for British and French navies, with three vessels for each nation. One destroyer, one cruiser and one battleship, including French Alsace and the British cruiser Neptune, can be located in the tech tree.

Finally, World of Warships: Legends celebrates Black Friday with a robust offering of deals and discounts across the board, from black ships to Commander Progression Items. The range consists of five impressive black warships, including famed battleship Bismarck and an Italian powerhouse Dante Alighieri, with the latter available through a special Black Friday mission.