Hvis du er en af dem som ser frem til når Fractured Online udgives, kan vi glæde dig. Vi kan nemlig løfte sløret for nyt indhold til spillet. Se meget mere om det her:

gamigo and Dynamight Studios are excited to offer yet another closer look at its first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG, Fractured Online. Today, we shine a light on a new land that’s largely inhabited by Humans: Aerhen.

The continent of Aerhen is as complex and challenging as its inhabitants, featuring unique biomes that will push players’ survival instincts to the max. Its mountainous region is filled with snow and ice that will require proper gear to survive, such as clothing and armor with cold insulation or fire spells. The volcanic biome, on the other hand, requires the opposite to survive as heat insulation and cold spells will be a welcome relief. The steppe biome can be found on Aerhen’s outskirts to the east, just be sure to bring an umbrella as rain tends to go from refreshing to torrential at a moment’s notice. The tundra is one of the few places in Aerhen players can consider “relaxing” as there are fewer weather anomalies. Unfortunately, there are plenty of creatures to worry about. Jotunns, Mammoths, Arctic Wolves, and various Elementals are just some of the ferocious fauna players will come across when they visit this new land.

If players survive Aerhen long enough, they’ll be given the chance to learn over 40 new abilities, acquire rich resources, and discover many opportunities for magic. In a player’s constant quest for knowledge, the benefits certainly outweigh the risks on this continent. At least, that’s what they should be telling themselves as they nearly freeze to death while sprinting away from a very hungry arctic wolf.

More information on the continent of Aerhen can be found at https://fracturedmmo.com/feature-spotlight-new-continent/

For more information on Fractured Online, please visit the following link:  https://linktr.ee/FracturedOnline

PLEASE NOTE: Weather effects will not be available at Fractured Online’s Closed Beta launch. Instead, it will be available shortly afterwards.