Daybreak Games har nu en stor opdatering ude til PC udgaven af H1Z1. Det betyder en gensyn med fan favoritten Outbreak som er et 8 gange 8 km map som gør kampen for at overleve endnu mere intens.

The game’s new map, Outbreak, is a post-apocalyptic, 8×8 square kilometer world that was designed to enhance H1Z1’s frantic, fast-paced battle royale gameplay. Outbreak includes signature landmarks from Z1, the initial map from the game’s original Early Access release. Outbreak features new terrain, points of interest, and art and textures, along with improvements to fan-favorite Z1 environments, creating a more dynamic and competitive battle royale experience. Outbreak is now available in Solos, Duos, and Fives Modes on Windows PC. 

Alongside the new map, the update includes changes to gameplay mechanics that allow players to recapture the classic feel of H1Z1. This includes new run and jump movements and animations to create a faster and more responsive system that keeps combat fun and intuitive. Classic audio cues also make their return with this update. 

More information about the game update can be found here: