Hvad gør du når du har nået maksimum prestige og har låst op for alle Mission Team? Ja ingenting før der kommer det nye Blood Anvil mission team og de nye prestige ranks. Husk at du i Modern Warfare Remastered kan jagte krukker med guld for enden af regnbuen.

While soldiers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered are chasing rainbows and dreams, there are some brand-new features heading to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as well.
There’s a whole new mission team in town known as Blood Anvil, and they’re looking for new recruits who can pass muster. Do you have what it takes? This Mission Team doesn’t just take anyone. These elite mercenaries are led by the ruthless Commander Viktor Krushkin, who favors difficult missions and shows no mercy. Their motto is “Blood and Fire,” and you’ll have to prove yourself worthy before you can join them.

Where do you go when you’ve hit the top Prestige rank for every weapon across the board? The answer used to be ‘nowhere,’ but now it’s ‘even higher!’ Beginning today you can unlock more rewards with new Master Prestige Ranks.

Infinity Ward is adding 20 Master Prestige Ranks that go into effect after Prestige Level 10, and each Master Prestige you reach from 11 to 30 adds a reward:


• New Rank icon for each Prestige

• Permanent Unlock Token for each Prestige

• Emblem for each Prestige

• Each Prestige gets one of:
o Classic Weapon or Knife can now earn a De-Atomizer Strike
o Classic Weapon now starts with more stock ammo
o Mark 2 variants now earn 30% XP per kill instead of 15%
o All Challenges (including Camo Challenges) now give 25% extra XP

Head into Infinite Warfare today and find out if you can cut the mustard with Blood Anvil, and then get to work on your Master Prestige Ranks. We’ll see you on the field.