Indie udviklerne Prestige WWW har Of Murder and Moonshine ude på Steam 1. marts. Her kæmper 3 kriminelle organisationer over kontrol med de områder hvor den illegale spiritus flyder. Du skal skyde dig vej gennem utallige fjender for at holde din boss glad.

Key Features:

  • Choose your weapon. Start each level by choosing your preferred tool of the trade. From tommy guns to baseball bats, there’s a strategic choice for every situation.
  • Survey the task ahead or run in guns blazing. Depending on the scenario, you may employ a careful, covert operation where you survey the scene and plan out each step, or you may find yourself thrown right to the wolves and need to fight your way out from the inside. Either way, you have to take out your mark or find yourself on the wrong end of the barrel of a gun.
  • Hide your intentions for covert hits. Alternate between brandishing your weapon and keeping it discreetly concealed in your overcoat to suit the situation at hand. You’ll never get to your mark and have an opportunity to take him down if you get stopped at the door by guards who see your intentions a mile away. 
  • Expect to suffer for your mistakes. When you answer to the most ambitious crime boss the city has ever seen, you can’t expect to get any slack for sloppy work. The jobs you’re sent on are punishing, and you’ll pay with your life if you don’t succeed, but that risk is what makes victory taste all that much sweeter.
  • Take down killer bosses. When you’re part of a crime ring, it’s not only your own boss you need to worry about. Use what you’ve learned taking out lesser goons to bring down the big baddies—rival crime bosses who will do anything it takes to put an end to your mission. Boss fights mean tougher battles and bigger wins, so you’ll have to make use of new strategies, like employing Molotov cocktails or honing your sniping skills, to take them down. Will you and your gang be able to conquer the swamps and the city, or will a rival crew bring you to your knees?